Build Your Own Brand Course — Pat Flynn

Build Your Own Brand Course — Pat Flynn




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A Free 5-Day Challenge to Help You Build a Brand and Website You Can Be Proud Of

The 5-Day BYOB Challenge is a course with one module per day. Each module has 3–4 videos to help you through that day’s objective. Here’s what you’ll learn and do:

  • Day One: Brand Camp. Learn what a successful brand is all about, choose your brand name, and set up your WordPress website.
  • Day Two: Backend Essentials. I’ll walk you through the process of setting up your website’s backend, including choosing a theme, plugins, and setting up Google Analytics and search.
  • Day Three: Frontend Essentials. I’ll show you the pages your website should have, as well as how to create a temporary logo.
  • Day Four: Social Media. Learn which social media accounts are right for your individual brand and the most effective way to use them.
  • Day Five: Setting Up for Success. I’ll walk you through how to write and publish content for your site, and I’ll close it out the challenge with the basics for building your email list.