Underground SEO Course: Find Easy Keywords To Rank High In Google With Keyword Golden Ratio Formula

Underground SEO Course: Find Easy Keywords To Rank High In Google With Keyword Golden Ratio Formula




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KGR Formula known as Keyword Golden Ratio formula: Find easy keywords with a stealth keyword research formula to achieve breakthrough Google rankings.

Targetting keywords that are too competitive is the #1 biggest SEO mistake nearly everyone makes, and you should avoid at all cost  Neil Patel, Number one digital marketer on the planet earth.

In the course, participants will learn an ultra-modern keyword research formula to find easy to rank keywords in any given niche using a method called KGR formula (Keyword Golden Ratio formula).

  • Short and Concise course means you finish and you will become an instant expert in the given topic within an hour or so.
  • The content in the course is evergreen means it will NOT go out-of-date as time progress. It will be relevant in the next decade and beyond.
  • You will get a chance to see fully action-packed un-edited two over-the-shoulder real-life case studies.
  • SEO (keyword research) is overwhelming, but if you break it down and start with a simple process like the one I am teaching here, then you are good to start and actually smell the success than anyone else in your niche.
  • See how I am going to find plenty of easily rankable keywords in an ultra-competitive niche.

All most all SEO courses and keyword research courses have one thing in common. They say, research your competition, steal their keywords and write epic content. I got it. There is a valid point in that, and it may or may not work.

There is a problem with that approach. We can predict 3 possible outcomes.

  • You burn out while writing content.
  • Or you end-up in slavery to your master, i.e. to your blog or website just like you did for your 9-5 job.
  • Or you die before Google decides to rank your content.

But you know there is a secret way to stand out, get traffic and rank (yes, you can do all three at a time) in your niche. It is by writing helpful content by answering all the questions in your niche.

In this course, I will show you a method to find all the burning issues in your niche so that you can write your heart out to reach your audience and be an authority.

No, it’s not like what you think by scrapping platforms like Quora and Yahoo answers or trying to answer all the questions on platforms like Quora etc.

Find questions and write answers on your blog. I won’t let the cat out, but that one trick is good enough to purchase this course. That technique is demonstrated in case study 2. It is so simple yet overlooked concept.